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                                     UPCOMING EVENTS:
Focus Group, 2nd & 4th Thursday of each month
Mercy Hospital & Medical Center, Room 257,2525 So. Prairie Avenue, Chicago, IL 60616
Support Group Meeting, 2nd Saturday of each month
12noon to 2pm, contact Gelnda @ 312-567-6626.
1. Live call-in Show CAN-TV hotline 21 every Tuesday, Contact Glenda @ 312-567-6626
2. Saturday November 17, 2007-Sarcoidosis Nite At The Movie Featuring "What Done In The Dark" By Millie MacGhee Morris (Who was the real J. Edgar Hoover)

National Sarcoidosis Society

 “Stones, Bones & (Ancient) Tombs”


This film is about forgiveness and of hope. It took ten years of genealogical research to complete this project, and it sheds new light on the fact that keeping secrets does more harm than good, and also reminds us that we are each a vital part of the same human family. As Millie’s father used to tell her: “What’s done in the dark shall come to the light...”


Don’t Miss The Screening…

November 17, 2007

2 shows -1pm – 5pm

 Thomas Joyce Auditorium

2nd Floor Entrance Mercy Hospital

2525 So. Prairie Ave.

Chicago, IL 60616

Tickets sold in advance, to purchase and pickup tickets Contact Charles 312-567-6626

No tickets sold after November 10th 2007


DONATION:  $10.00






Free parking in visitor lot & on Streets






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